Photo by Chelms Varthoumlien on Unsplash

Life is mute — its tongue
cut out by the hands of All.

Mind chatters incessantly — bound
as tight as the curse of Time.

Her fingers caress three skulls -
cigarette burns surround her
palms… I feel the same on
my lips, tongue: Death seeps,

drips into the deep water
rising above six feet:
jackets are required, suits
so we don’t appear naked.

I crawled back into
the tomb out of which
I first issued: green
and new, alive in my…

mind chatters incessantly — wound
as tight as the clock of Time.

Life is mute — its lungs
breathing breath for All.

By Michael Anthony Adams, Jr.
From his poetry collection, Recipe for a Future Theogony.



Photo by Chris Ensminger on Unsplash

The sweet scents swell
a fever in my brain,
a maelstrom for pain,
a shower of cleansing
water to water the seeds
of passion swelling,
but still buried,
inside of me.

In my dream, a lion’s mane
adorned the shaggy neck
of a wicked wolf who snarled,
who snapped at my heels
as I walked down the street
feeling the beat
pulsing life
through my organs.

I want to wrap my arms
around this whole city,
hold this place as close
to my heart as I can,
feel it beat the pulse
of ten million
people doing
people things.

By Michael Anthony Adams, Jr.
From his poetry collection, The Tree Outside My Window.

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